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Tip Top Thai provides a great selection of all your Thai favourites. Customers will appreciate the quick delivery and the very well made food. Thank you for choosing Tip Top Thai, order a takeaway online and see why our customers consider us the best!

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77 Heath Street
Hampstead, NW36UG

Favourite Dishes


barbecued chicken on bamboo sticks served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad


deep fried mixed vegetables wrapped with pastry and served with sweet and sour plum sauce


green curry cooked in coconut milk with a choice of either beef or chicken


fried rice noodles with chicken, egg, onion, spring onion, bean sprouts and ground peanuts


fried rice noodles with prawns, egg, onion, spring onion, bean sprouts and ground peanuts


Tip Top Thai Customer Reviews

789 reviews


  • Thought I'd try something new - big disappointment. 1h45m late & food was inedible. Went straight in the bin! Don't waste your money.


  • Awful customer service


  • Always great food. But need to put soft drinks in a separate bag as the food warms them up when they are together.


  • Best Thai we've had in this area


  • All great but need better packaging to avoid sauce spills


  • A little bit sweet for my taste, but overall great food and good value for money


  • Need to find a way to seal the containers to avoid sauce spiling out


  • Used to be a favourite treat but doubt I'll use again can no longer get the orders correct


  • Has turned into a terrible place. Such a shame.


  • What happened to this place? It used to be so good but six out of the last seven orders have been incorrect. When you phone to try to get your correct order they are SO rude.


  • ordered at 7, said it would be here by 8... 8.20 called, they said it would be sent asap, delivered 9.10... unacceptable!


  • I was ordering food on Xmas Eve and my normal Thai wasn't open so I ordered from Tip Top Thai instead - so glad I accidentally discovered them! The food was really flavoursome and not at all greasy like a lot of takeaways. Plus I'm vegan and they have a big range of bean curd options as well as soy meat options - which not many places have at all. Definitely will be ordering again.


  • Tip Top Thai, which was very good when it first opened, has been on a downward trajectory. This time it was poor, and we won't be returning soon.


  • They kept lying to us about delivery time. It took about an hour and three quarters so some of it was a bit soggy. Not happy. Don't feel we can risk using them again.


  • [RESUBMITTED]Worst meal I've ever had from Tip Top Thai, unfortunately on a night when I recommended it to a friend!! Meat was awful, not even sure it was chicken! Everything was cold!! Cost £40, must have thrown £33 worth away!! Won't go back!!